Crafts, capturing skills passed through generations, embody historical values and qualities, reflecting the craftsmanship's dedication to quality and beauty. Each piece carries unique charm and the artisan's passion. MEIHINCHO aims to amplify the recognition of craft's allure, supporting artisans and sharing their essence through websites, social media, and projects.
MEIHINCHO serves as a craftwork media platform dedicated to showcasing the allure of crafts, evolving in harmony with modern lifestyles and society.
This website offers a wealth of information and articles about crafts and craft manufacturers nationwide. It functions not only as a comprehensive database for craft studios, production sites, and historical insights but also as an online store.
We meticulously curate not only crafts certified as 'Traditional Crafts' by the government but also those with techniques passed down over time, crafted with artisan dedication. Our selection ranges from century-old establishments to emerging brands, offering a diverse array of crafts.
Discover 'masterpieces-for-me' crafts, and open the door to enriching your daily life.
To create a global craft brand
Crafts offer satisfaction through the use of quality materials, enhancing the richness of life. In today's efficiency-driven world, they reaffirm the essential joy of living. We aim to communicate the enriching allure of crafts that contribute to a fulfilling daily life.
Through interviews nationwide, we've observed craftsmen persistently honing their skills, adapting to changing times and needs, and embracing Japan's unique aesthetic that blends wabi-sabi and elegance. We recognize the 'new Japanese identity' in crafts continually evolving, as they engage in the challenges and advancements described.
With the goal of promoting and developing this identity globally, preserving Japan's unique techniques, history, and aesthetics, we aspire to create a yet-to-be-seen global craft brand.
Our wish is that, one day, people worldwide will embrace a lifestyle where they hold in their hands a Japanese-born 'masterpiece-for-me,' and we hope for that day to come.
To craft manufacturers corporate organization
MEIHINCHO offers services including interviews, photography, information sharing, sales, and collaboration. Additionally, we provide support in business management and other collaborative efforts. Feel free to contact us with your inquiries, suggestions, or opinions.
What we mainly support
・Labor management due to the increase in the number of employees
・Utilizing subsidies for facility investment
・Negotiation with financial institutions
・Product development, craft production such as OEM
・Introduction of craftsmen and manufacturers
・Collaboration in progress support and other areas
・M&A etc…